Take a moment to learn about the power of the auction process. News Channel 3 Interviews our Auctioneer & Broker, Jeff Morris

Looking to Sell?

Our “Aggressive Marketing Approach” gets results!

Sell your property within 60 days by spotlighting your property while paying NO commission. Buyer pays fees and there’s no contingency.

Aggressive Marketing Campaigns.
For each seller, we create a high impact, focused and intense marketing campaign, including:

  • On-site property signage designed to create an immediate impact.
  • Extensive web site coverage and e-mail promotion of your property
  • Extensive Digital and Social Media Campaigns
  • Direct mail materials sent to targeted audiences
  • Professional photography and video of your property
  • Posting of videos on YouTube
  • Open house presentations
  • Auction event production

Speed of the process.
The sale date is set at the time of the contract and is usually within 45 days. As the seller, you’ll have the comfort in knowing the exact date the property will sell and approximately when it will close.

Market Value via Competitive Bidding.
The most important element of the auction process is competitive biding. An auction brings qualified buyers together at one time to compete with each other for the highest bid. Through competitive bidding, we achieve a sense of urgency and establish a secure market value for the property.  Just think, if you have all potential buyers bidding simultaneously against one another fighting for the winning bid, you will achieve maximum results.

Unlimited Price Ceiling.
In traditional sales methods, the seller must set a top price for their property, such as the list price. All negotiating is done down from that price. In an auction, the auctioneer begins at a low price and continues to ask for higher and higher bids, establishing that the last, winning bid is the highest.

Save money.
Holding costs are reduced due to the limited time until closing. This reduces taxes, interest, utilities, maintenance and all other ownership costs.

No Sales Commission on Real Estate.
The only cost to the seller is the marketing fee. You pay no commission. The buyer pays our fee in the form of a 10% buyer’s premium, which is added to the winning bid.

Controlled Inspections.
We set the date, or dates, for the open house well in advance. The property is usually open for three hours the Sunday before the auction date. This eliminates the hassle of unscheduled and numerous showings.

No Seller Negotiations
Our auction process removes the seller from the beleaguering task of negotiating the sales price. Buyers attend the auction and competitively negotiate among themselves for the highest offer that’s presented to you for consideration.

No Contingencies.
Buyers post a non-refundable bid deposit to guarantee closing within 30 days, and the buyer signs a no-contingency sales contract. All personal property buyers must pay in full the day of the auction. These standards assure peace of mind for the seller.

Sold “As Is”.
All property is sold “As Is”. There are no warranties whatsoever except good and marketable title to the property, and there are no seller’s disclosure forms to fill out.

Prepared Buyers.
All buyers come prepared to bid and to buy. They have done their homework, been to the open house and have their own value in mind when bidding. They have a non-refundable bid deposit to be place in escrow guaranteeing a smooth closing.


NAA Auctioneer
Arkansas Auctioneers Association
Tennessee Auctioneers Association
Memphis Area Association of Realtors

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