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You don’t, not without our FREE analysis of your property. We will provide you with an analysis of your property and the current market conditions for the sale of your property. Once you provide us with the address or other location information and we will perform a review of it for you at no cost and no obligation.
We start with a review of your property, its current condition, any debt owed and the current market and your needs and expectations for selling it. At your convenience, we will inspect the property and provide you our feedback for getting it ready to sell.

We will then investigate the sales history for comparable properties in the market and provide you with a range of value within which you can expect your property to sell.

It will then be up to you whether to utilize our services to market and sell your property.

The only cost that you will incur will be for the marketing costs. You pay NO commissions, buyer closing costs or buyer financing costs. The marketing fee will be determined once we know more about your property and who the most likely market is to purchase it. The range of marketing costs is usually between 1 and 2 percent of the value of your property.
No is the simple answer. This myth is a holdover from the past where a Sheriff would hold a foreclosure “auction” of a property for a bank. These were legal proceedings and are nothing like what our company does. We utilize the latest in marketing techniques to attract the largest pool of bidders from the current market to come to a single location at a single point in time to bid competitively to provide you with the highest potential price for your property. There is no other marketing concept better to provide you with the highest price for your property.
Once we have an Auction Listing Agreement with you, we will set the Auction Date, which is usually within five to six weeks. The closing is usually within thirty (30) days from the auction date and could close sooner.


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